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We only have one planet to call our home.

At The Washi Studios, we believe in protecting the environment and leaving as little carbon footprint as we can in our planet. 

Our packaging materials has been carefully picked with the environment in mind. From reusable packaging to compostable ink stamps, The Washi Studios will try its best to be as eco-friendly as we can. We will continue to learn and do our best to improve in our operations.



Our boxes can all be recycled. Most of our boxes are also made up of up to 60% recycled content. 

If you want to reuse our box, just peel off the decor or add more layers to cover where we stamped and reuse the box for your own package!

We use poly mailers with dual-adhesives. Once you receive your package, carefully open the mailer and you can reuse the mailer for your purpose or if you need to make a return.

Our smaller mailers are also compostable. 


We stamp our packages with biodegradable soy-based ink. Your package can be recycled worry free even if it's stamped.

We are using a BPA-free thermal labels. We are doing our research and are searching for a 100% recyclable label.


Our space filler is made out of kraft or masking paper. These can be reused on your bullet journals, planners, or crafts. If you have a lot of kraft paper already, they can be recycled.

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